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Time Travel: A look into the Past and a move to the Future

time travel, light speed

Time Travelling. It's one of the most fascinating and interesting topics for youngsters primarily. Well, we all are familiar with it from the movies, cartoons, etc. In most of the case, people want to time travel to just correct the mistakes that they have done in the past. And others want to do it out of curiosity to know the past. But you don't need to travel through time to know what happened before. Or how dinosaurs existed.

When we talk about time traveling, mostly a rectangular shaped box machine comes in our mind and I'm not addressing the fictional thing rather I'm here to give out information about the scientifically approved way.

Traveling Forward in Time

1st Method

Time Travelling is possible in two ways mainly, and it's only possible to travel forward in time which basically means that traveling backward in time is absolutely impossible. Time traveling is possible either by traveling near to the speed of light or by visiting a place where gravity is so intense.

Firstly, let me explain traveling near to the speed of light. If we travel close to the speed of light, the time around us will go slower as compared to others we left behind. For example, If I left earth at the age of 14 in a spacecraft and traveled 99.5% speed of light (or basically 298500km/s) which is close to the speed of light for 3 years, that is, when I'm 17. And returned to earth, my friends will be 44 years old and I'll be disappointed to know that I'm not even old to get a driving license. The time passed only 3 years for me and 30 years for them. This is one of the ways.

But the only possible way to travel back in time is to travel faster than light which is quite impossible, because if traveled faster than the light, the object's mass will increase infinitely so do the energy required to travel should also be infinite turns out it's never possible cause energy can neither be created not be destroyed.

Another example is if I left earth in 2016,  experienced 3 years with birthday cakes in my superfast space trip and came back to earth, the earth will be 30 years older.

2nd Method

Secondly, Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity claims that the farther the object is from its sources of gravity, the faster the time passes for that object. If we place two identical clocks, one in the airplane and the other on the ground, the clock in the plane will tick faster compared to the clock on the earth but only slightly since the distance from the source of the gravity is not too far. This is known as Gravitational Time Dilation.

Traveling Backward in Time

Still, we're not able to travel back in time. So those who're regretting about their mistakes; stop it. You can never travel back in time. And for those who wants to know the past out of curiosity can still do that.

To see the past, all we need to do is, send a spaceship to as far as (light years away) from the Earth. And recording the Earth from the spaceship will see the past of the Earth. The spacecraft won't see what's happening currently on the Earth. This is because light takes a certain amount of time to reach from one place to another.  As a result, the people in the spacecraft will see the past.

The star you see up in the night sky is not something that is there right now. It's past. We see the star shining in the sky but actually, it's dead. The light needs time to reach it to our eyes so basically, we are seeing the past. Likewise, we can send a spacecraft away from the Earth and the people in the spacecraft will see the past where dinosaurs are roaring.

Still confused? Here's an example. An airplane emits a sound from the sky and it reaches your ear after a few seconds while the airplane is not in the position when it emitted the sound. The reason is it needs some time to reach it to our ears. Similarly, the same thing happens to the light. It also needs some time to reach to our eyes. 

So the moral of all this boring kind of thing (for some people), is to awake you to stop regretting.

You can't change what's done, you can't go back in time, you can't try to change the hurt feelings or mend the broken hearts. All you can do is learn from your mistakes, and hope you will never regret anything as much as you do now. -Anonymous 


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