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'Bully', A Game That I Played Years Back Is Much More Popular Now

Bully is one of the oldest game that I played and one of my favorite. It was released on October 17, 2006, which is way older than I expected. The game was developed by Rockstar Games, the same company which released GTA V this year. The game is too old but still people love it.

Bully was also one of my favorite game that I played. You know, there are lots of favorite games that I didn't play. I completed all the Chapters of the game Bully. The game is not too bad. It has lots of stuff in it. One of my favorite are in classes, we need to do some chemistry and biology mainly. Moreover, the best part is that we can put a sign back side of the shirts of other fellow students. He'll start to get some kick and the sign says "Kick ME".

Now when my friends play that game and talk about in class, I feel like a pro gamer. I can predict the mission cause I'm like a master or something like that. Cause I've completed all the missions.

One thing I remember is once they were talking about the game and I asked them, "Did you guys opened the school gate?". The replied, "no". I act like that's too cheap. Yeah, it was actually fun. After all, I love the game and its theme. We can participate in bike racing and other pieces of stuff. 


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